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Book Reviews
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The Peaches On The Beaches
by Brian P Cleary

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This book is about the rhyming words. I learnt many same sound words from this book such as naps, caps, laps, peaches, screeches, leeches, cried, dried,tied,witches,switches,ditches,dreamed,screamed,beamed. Rhyming words are lots of fun!

by Frank Berrios

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M-O is a cleaning robot. It hates dirt.

Ballerina Princess
by Melissa Lagonegro

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Princess dream about dancing. Snow white dreams to meet a prince and dance with him. Belle has sweet dancing dreams. Aurora has daydreams about dancing costume. Cinderella dances at the royal ball in her dreams.Ariel dreams about dancing with prince Eric.

Storybots Wheels On The Road
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Another great Storybots book! This one talks about cars. I really like the Storybots show and these books are really good too! The pictures are funny and colorful. You should read this book too!!!

Operation: Secret Recipe
by Geronimo Stilton

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A tiny mystery with tons of clues. A thief is pretending to be Geronimo, and the thief turns out to be a cat. Yes, a pirate cat, which makes no sense. That was the only thing I didn’t enjoy. But, it’s an okay book.

I Need My Monster
by amanda noll

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I think this book is interesting because this kid meets his monster and most kids are afraid of monsters. His monster is going fishing and he has all these other monsters came when this kid knocked on the floor and he meet all these different monsters. If you reject 5 monsters in one night something bad will happen and than his monster....

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Who A Chick
by Lucille Colandro

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I liked this book because there was a cute chicky. It makes me sad that an old lady would swallow a cute chicky. I don't want her to swallow an easter egg either. I think that she would choke if she swallowed straw.

by Ann Heinrichs

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This books shows how Arizona looks like and also the flowers in Arizona.

A Pig A Fox And A Box
by Jonathan Fenske

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Pig and Fox are friends. Fox wanted to trick pigs so he hid in a box that he likes to play with. Pig sat on the box and fox was under the box. Pig didn't know that fox is under the box. Box crashed and became flat and so was fox.

Who Was Kobe Bryant
by Ellen Labrecque

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I enjoyed reading this book. Although I knew a lot about Kobe Bryant and his life I still learned more. I knew he loved basketball but had no idea just how much it became a huge part of his life. I great read if you are a Kobe fan.