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Book Reviews
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by Dee Lillegard and Wayne Stoker

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This books shows what Nevada looks like. It shows some plants and buildings in that place where we can go for site seeing.

Ms. Hall is a goofball
by Dan Gutman

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I enjoyed this book because I love all the goofy ways Ms Hall tried to get AJ and his friends to eat more healthy food and veggies. I don’t like vegetables either so I found it funny all the tricks and goofy things she was doing. I don’t like to eat veggies either and still don’t think I would eat them even if I had a Ms Hall in my life.

Daniel’s first babysitter
by Alexandra Cassel

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In this book we learned together with Daniel Tiger that sometimes parents have an urgency and have to leave them with someone but always reminding them that Adults always return and that we would never leave them for anything in the world, this book is very educational and an excellent friend of children and parents !

Storybots Velociraptor
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I love the Storybots and these books are GREAT! Do you like watching Storybots on TV? I do so I really like these books. This one is about dinosaurs and the pictures are really funny! You should read this book!

Yasmin The Painter
by Saadia Faruqi

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I like this book because we always afraid to do something, but we just try our best to it. I like paint. Sometimes I will mess up, I just do best to clean. My mother was happy I clean by myself. Painting is so much fun.

by Eleanor Ayer

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This book shows what Colorado looks like and some animals that live in Colorado

Wish Bear's Promise
by Sonia Sander

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Twinkers is wish bear's friend. He grants all of her wishes. Wish bear takes help from twinkers to fulfill her friends wishes. Twinker was tired of fulfilling their wishes. By mistake wish bear wished that twinker will be their wishing star.

Duffy The Disney Bear:Mickey's New Friend
by Jessica Ward

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I love this book because it has Disney characters in it.

Babysitters Club Book 8
by Gale Galligan

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It is about a girl named Kristy making her own club named the baby sitters club. they babysit for people that live near by. In almost every book, someone new comes along. They have fun, and they meet new people along the way.

Who Said Boo
by Cass Hollander

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Very nice and scary till the end. Also about the same words are written.