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Book Reviews
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The Secret Rescuers
by Paula Harrison

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I loved this book! When young castle maid Sophie finds a speaking stone that allows her to talk with magical creatures. When she finds an injured dragon it is clear that the dragon needs her help. Even worse the Queen and Knight don't like magical creatures and are looking for the dragon.

Babysitters Club Book 7
by Gale Galligan

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It is about a girl named Kristy making her own club named the baby sitters club. they babysit for people that live near by. In almost every book, someone new comes along. They have fun, and they meet new people along the way.

by Raina Telgemeier

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Ghosts is a book about 2 sisters who are Mexican and go on a little field trip and find a boy on the beach. He showed them where he works and they start seeing ghosts. They don't see it clearly, but they find out what it is after words

Bear's Loose Tooth
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Nice but mostly rhymes.

Nighttime in the Neighborhood
by Becky Friedman

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It is a very beautiful book, it teaches how to share moments with family and neighbors, especially how beautiful the nights can be when observing the stars, the moon and the constellations. We recommended

The Littlest Rabbit
by Robert Kraus

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I really like the book. It was about the littlest rabbit who grew really big when he said his prayers and in the end of his prayer, he said I wish I were bigger. At the end of the story there was a little rabbit litteler than he ever was and bullies were teasing him. But the littlest rabbit who was now big fighted the bullies away.

Dork Diaries 1
by Rachel Renee Russell

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From the beginning when I saw Niki Maxwell I knew that she was one of those characters with a problem in every book from a series of books that she needed to solve and the more problems she had the more interesting it was to read about how she was going to solve them.

Animals Don't So I Won't !
by David G.Derrick Jr

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A story about a boy who like to pretend he was an animals. He mom side to clean up for dinner. Ben claimed and mom side get done . Mom side sleep time the boy side he side hes a chimpanzees . mom side sleep time the boy fell asleep and mom said good night.

Tiana’s Ghost
by Calliope Glass

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This is a very scary story! This story is from The Princess and The Frog in Disney’s 5 minutes Halloween Stories. My favorite character in this story is Tiana. This is about kids that Tiana thought were ghosts stole baguettes.

Dogman Unleashed
by Dav Pilkey

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I liked this book because it was funny and cool. The book kept me interested and hooked. I would recommend this book because its colorful, a graphic novel and I like the flip o rama in the book. Its a must read for the summer.